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“Call of Calligrapy: The Voice”
The Scope:
With the exhibition themed “Call of Calligraphy: The Voice”, it is expected from the artists to convey their messages into an artistic work considering their own inner voice. Because each artist’s ‘brush’ has different tone, when the artworks come together, an impressive visual harmony will be revealed.
It is aimed that the artists interpret the subject with their own calligraphic expressions and participate in the exhibition.


Exhibition Curator

Assoc.Prof. Banu Bulduk Türkmen


Exhibition Organizing Committee

Prof. Namık Kemal Sarıkavak

Assoc.Prof. Banu Bulduk Türkmen

Erhan Olcay



Res. Assist. Cansu Başdemir


Graphic Design

Assoc.Prof. Banu Bulduk Türkmen


Design Application

Res. Assist. Dr. Seza Soyluçiçek


Setting up The Exhibition and Distribution Team

Res. Assist. Dr. Seza Soyluçiçek

Res. Assist. Barış Hasırcı

Res. Assist. Cansu Başdemir

Res. Assist. Cumhur Coşkun

Res. Assist. Mesut Usta

Res. Assist. Tuğba Dilek Kayabaş


Documentation Team

Res. Assist. İbrahim Halil Özkirişçi

Res. Assist. Yalçın Demirkıran


Important Dates

06 March 2019 Wednesday: Opening / 18.00

06 March – 22 March 2019: Exhibition Dates