Serdar Kipdemir

Was born in Malatya. Was graduated as Technician Sergeant from Turkish Land Forces in 1986 (Narlıdere/Izmir). Was graduated from Faculty of Economics of Anadolu University in 1996. Worked 21 years in Turkish Military Force between 1986-2006. Tried to develop his calligraphy writing skills during his work in Turkish Military Force. Was retired from Turkish Military Force in 2006. Opened Serdar KIPDEMIR Calligraphy Center in Malatya in 2007. Worked as Calligraphy teacher in Malatya Public Training Center. In 2011-2018, he worked as a teacher of calligraphy courses at the Culture Park Cultural Center Zerefsan Nakışhanes. Earned the Certificates of Angled Uncial, Foundational Hand, Roman Capitals, Gothic Black Letter and Copperplate from the Calligraphy and Art Society during 2014-2016. Holds a master degree from Istanbul Arel University, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Department of Graphical Design. On October 17, 2018 Istanbul Arel University Institute of Social Sciences Graphic Design Program Qualification in Arts - PhD. Has many personal and internatıonal multiple Calligraphy exhibitions. He continues to teach Basic and Advanced Calligraphy Course instructors are continuing in the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Yıldırım Bayazıt University, Çankaya Municipality and Private Art Center.